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In 1992, KELI MOTOR COMPANY was founded.We have been focusing on the development of motor and drive control field. Now, we have become an important partner of global famous customers!

We adhere to the development concept of "development is the first priority; innovation is the first driving force,talent is the first resource", continue to innovate, commit to the research and development of core technology, launch leading products in the world, which can be applied to intelligent home appliances, industrial robots, 5G mobile base stations, 3D printers, lithium batteries, new energy, intelligent security and other fields. We also provide our customers with advanced solutions and high-quality products.

KELI adheres to the Chinese spirit of craftsmanship, adheres to the concept of "seeking truth and pragmatism, striving for perfection and being brave in innovation". We are committed to building a world-class national brand of motor and drive control system in China, promoting human industrial civilization and progress, and striving to provide continuous intelligent power for global users. We strive to be the brightest star!

We always keep the sentence of “ the greatest benevolence is like water, the highest virtue tolerates all ” as spiritual belief. Because we believe, then we see! Because there is a dream, then there is a future!