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Introducing Keli Latest Technology

Research Base

Keli focuses on the design, development and production of various motors and drive control systems of high-efficiency, high-reliability, light-weight, miniaturized and intelligent, committed to drive human society toward a better future, strives to be the brightest star in the universe. To this end, the company established a number of product technology R&D centers around the world, and built the cooperative relations with many scientific research institutions and universities.

Future R&D Direction

Nowadays, smart phone has been very popular, penetrated into all aspects of People's Daily life, Like life, shopping, transportation, entertainment, office and so on are inseparable from it.
With the rise of the Internet of things (IOT), big data and AI technology, factory equipment has ushered in a brand new revolution.
Intelligentization is the most important trend in the manufacturing industry recently,much more enquiries in related with the AI industry due to industry and product promoting during the past times.


KELI MOTOR GROUP CO., LTD. is a group corporation that integrates product in design, R&D, manufacturing and customization. With years developing, we always strive on offering high quality