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This website is administered by Keli Motor Group Co.,LTD (hereafter referred to as "Company"). Prior to using this site, you are required to read this agreement and the Company privacy policy, and agree to the contents in advance.

1. Objective and Features of This Website

This site provides necessary information about the Company and its products and services to all customers, concerned parties and users. You can directly locate and view product or service profiles. The wide range of content on this site also allows you to peruse information about Keli’s technological capabilities, history, and policies.

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3. Website Contents

The content of this site is principally intended to provide general information. When using the content for the purpose of making investments, carrying out business, or making important decisions, you are required to use the information under your own responsibility. This site shall be used only after users understand and agree to this effect, and under their own responsibility and judgment. Users of this site are allowed to browse, print, or download the contents of this site only for personal or noncommercial use. In any case, however, modification, sale, broadcast, and distribution of any content on this site is not permitted. This condition shall be agreed to before using this site.

4. Links to Other Sites

In cases where links to other sites are contained on this site, the Company is not liable for the contents and/or services of such sites. Responsibility for information of other sites and use of information on those sites shall be held by the providers of the contents and users who view and use them.

5. Protection of Trademarks, Copyright, and Intellectual Property

The copyright for works on the the Company website belongs to either the Company or other third parties.This shall be protected by the Copyright Act, the Industrial Property Act, and other laws related to the protection of intellectual property.

In addition, the trademarks and logos of Keli motor used on this website are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company.

If any entity or individual considers that the webpage or link in this website may be suspected of infringing its intellectual property rights, it shall promptly notify this website in writing of its rights, and provide proof of identity, ownership and detailed proof of infringement. Upon receipt of the above legal documents, the website will delete the relevant contents or disconnect the relevant links as soon as possible in accordance with the law.

6. About Privacy

User privacy terms and conditions shall comply with the Company Privacy Policy, which is defined separately.

7. Changes to the Usage Agreement

The company reserves the right to change this usage agreement at its sole discretion, subject to a clear indication of the changes made to the website.The modified content will not be published. Users are requested to review the content of this agreement regularly.

8. Disclaimer

The Company always exercises the utmost care to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site. However, the Company does not provide any form of guarantee for the correctness, timeliness, effectiveness, completeness and other aspects of all content. The company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses arising from the use of the contents of this website.

The company does not provide any security guarantee for your use of this website, and the company does not assume any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss caused by data loss or virus attack when you use this website.

The company reserves the right to restrict or stop users from accessing the website at any time. No liability shall be borne for direct or indirect losses arising therefrom. Users shall view this site and download contents under their own judgment and responsibility. Users shall address, under their own responsibility, any loss that results from server stoppages, change of information, or stoppages of any kind related to this website that may occur without prior notice, or any situation that results from failure or damage to online access, equipment, or data on the user side when viewing this site or downloading contents. the Company shall bear no responsibility for any losses or outcomes that occur as a result of the above.

9. Administer

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. The company and the user agree that any dispute concerning this website and the website agreement shall be governed by the people's court who has the jurisdiction in the place where Keli Motor Group Co., LTD has its domicile.