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he two sessions Nie Pengju: build more high-quality degrees and strengthen teachers

Author:郑涛 Source: 红网 Time:2021-03-10

Summary:  On March 5, The fourth session of the Thirteenth National people's Congress opened in Beijing. Mr. Nie Pengju, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Keli Motor Group

      On March 5, The fourth session of the Thirteenth National people's Congress opened in Beijing. Mr. Nie Pengju, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd., who is very concerned about education, "Education is the basic of a One-Hundred Year Strategy of a Nation" he said to the Red Net reporter. Currently, the unbalanced and inadequate development of compulsory education in China is common in some counties, High quality degrees are limited, the phenomenon of Private schools ' to get the goods students' and ' Select quality students' and High-quality teachers from public schools transfer to private schools is serious. "
     Nie Pengju believes that in view of this situation, it is necessary to make clear the importance and urgency of building a high quality degree, to deeply explore the reasons for the shortage of high quality degrees and the transfer of teachers in the compulsory education stage, and to seek the best solution. He suggested that the project of "strengthening teachers and promoting education" should be carried out to provide quality education services and provide strong technical support for building quality degrees. The implementation of the project of "strengthening teachers and promoting education" and strengthening the quality construction of teachers" internal training" should be brought into the national work plan, so as to provide a strong technical force for building a "public" school quality degree. First, merit pay implements incremental performance management. As always, the teacher's performance salary calculation, is to take out the original salary 30% as the performance to carry on the appraisal, it will appear that some teachers even can not get own original salary . Since last year, some places have begun to implement "Performance incremental pay", so that teachers can not only get 30% of their own performance work as a reward, but also get another part of the performance incremental pay through inspection and evaluation. To a large extent, teachers have a sense of achievement and social honor. No matter in which school, teachers can teach, music and fine education, thus providing quality education services to satisfied parents. Secondly, we should constantly enrich and expand the "leading goose" team. Give full play to the leading role of "special-grade teachers", "special-grade" teachers are "Excellent in both performing skills and moral" teachers, which have been strictly reviewed by provinces and municipalities, and are rare talents in the education sector. We should support special teachers in setting up studios and training more excellent teachers in terms of funds and policies, introduce the "YINLING lecture" program, a plan to recruit a group of outstanding retired teachers to give lectures in rural compulsory education schools, to give full play to the teaching heat of all kinds of outstanding teachers who have retired. To promote the balanced and high-quality development of education between urban and rural schools to provide strong technical support for building high-quality degrees.
     To clearly authorize, have "Spirit of SwordDraw", play the main role of education departments to create quality degrees. The administrative department of education should have "Spirit of SwordDraw", stick to the initial mind of solving outstanding problems for the common people, strive to break down the stubborn disease, establish and improve the regular assessment mechanism, strengthen and improve the responsibility assessment of the school. To increase the assessment of the all-round work and the results of the basic education schools, to promote the schools to work hard to run high-quality education, and to form a mechanism for the application of the assessment results. The evaluation results are regarded as the main basis for the evaluation, promotion, transfer and performance appraisal of the educational departments and principals at all levels, and the leadership of the principal's education and teaching is promoted. The principal is the soul of a school, an excellent principal can bring out a high-quality school; strict supervision and implementation of school policies and regulations. We should standardize the running of private schools, strictly prohibit the enrollment of "to get the goods students" and "Select quality students", balance the development of private schools and public schools, and explore and promote the implementation of collectivization mode of running schools. We will continue to optimize the educational cooperation mechanism, set up school-running groups with high-quality public and private schools as the leader, give full play to the demonstration radiation role of public and private high-quality brand schools recognized by the masses, realize the common development of weak schools and new schools in the region with strong and weak, advanced and backward, balance the level of education development between public, private and inter-schools, increase the total amount of high-quality educational resources in the region as a whole, so that more schools can provide degrees in line with parents' high-quality degree views, so that students can "learn well" and realize "famous schools near home ".
      To increase the number of "public" school degrees, to create quality degrees to provide a strong foundation. "Public" schools have always adhered to the principle of admission is to the nearest slice, the number of degrees are uneven ;" private "schools can only pay money to go to school, give degrees; in the" public "schools lack of degree and teachers weakened , private schools get more and more students, parents pay a large increase on education: the principle of admission to the nearest section, through mapping, increase the number of "public" schools in advance, so that all children of school age in the area can reach the nearest school, reduce the fever of parents to choose schools; To reduce the loss of teachers in "public" schools, to enhance the sense of belonging and honor of teachers by means of salary adjustment, performance appraisal, professional help and achievement linkage, to enhance the educational ability and level of "public" schools, and to provide a strong basic guarantee for building high quality degrees.