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Congratulations to the Industrial Control Division of Keli Motor Group for becoming the supplier of Huawei.



Congratulations to the Industrial Control Division of Keli Motor Group for becoming the supplier of Huawei.

Becoming a Huawei supplier means that both parties have established a close partnership.

As the second-generation leader, Mr. Nie Pengju, the Chairman of Keli Motor Group, firmly believes that the way of innovation lies in obtaining talents. In the past two years, he has built new R&D centers in Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places. The company has achieved major technological breakthroughs in servo systems and has become a supplier of Huawei. Servo systems can be widely used in robotics and industrial automation, lithium battery equipment and photovoltaic equipment.

The Industrial Control Division of Keli Motor Group was established in March 2020. A high-tech R&D team was formed in 8 months. The drive,encoder and controller achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1 , and developed a high-performance V6 Servo motor series, technical level and product performance are benchmarked against Japanese companies in the same industry. The 14th Five-Year Plan clearly proposes: in-depth implementation of special projects for enhancing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and technological transformation, and breakthroughs in the key technologies of intelligent robots such as advanced controllers, high-precision servo drive systems, and high -performance reducers.Servo system belongs to the domestic industry 4.0 stuck neck field. The related bottleneck needs to be broken. The prospect of import substitution is huge. Keli Motor Group shoulders the national mission and is committed to becoming a world-class Chinese national brand in motors and drive control systems.

Huawei is the worlds leading provider of information and communication technology equipment solutions. Huaweis strength is not only dependent on its huge size, but its absolute right to speak in multiple scientific and technological fields. The collaboration between Keli and Huawei stems from Kelis emphasis on talents and continuous investment in R&D , and is the customers recognition of Kelis products,teams and services. We will continue to deepen our efforts in the motor and drive control system industry, focus on the talents development and return the trust and support of our customers!