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Warmly celebrate the 7th A ward and Funding Conference of Qiyang Keli Charity Foundation


Summary:Warmly celebrate the 7th A ward and Funding Conference of Qiyang Keli Charity Foundation

    On the morning of August 20,2021, the 7th Award and Funding Conference of Qiyang Keli Charity Foundation was held in the conference room of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. Qiyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jiang Liangtie, Qiyang Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Chen Xiaoping, CPPCC Chairman Zheng Zengqi, Zhou Zhenlin, Chen Zhenwen, Wen Yixiong, Yu Jianchun, Guixiang and other municipal leaders attended the meeting. Due to the Shenzhen epidemic control, Nie Baosheng, Chairman of the Keli Charity Foundation, Nie Pengju , Vice Chairman of the Keli Charity Foundation, Chairman of Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd, were not able to attend the funding conference.

    The meeting announced the list of awarded and sponsored students, and rewarded 3 outstanding headmasters, 9 outstanding teachers respectively from primary,junior middle school and senior high school, 8 students which the top 3 in science and arts, and outstanding students who entranced Tsinghua University and Peking University. 26 poor students who entranced key university were funded,and 63 college students were funded directionally, a total of RMB261000 of finances and bonuses were distributed on the spot. At the meeting, the award-winning outstanding headmasters, outstanding teachers,outstanding students, funded students, and student representatives who from designated units made speeches respectively.

    Qiyang Keli Charity Foundation was established by Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd. Founder Nie Baosheng, and his son chairman Nie Pengju in February 2015. It is the first charity foundation established by local entrepreneurs in Qiyang. While devoting to the innovation and development of the enterprise, he was always been concerned about supporting the development of Qiyang education, insisting on carrying out rewards and funding activities every year, and has donated more than RMB1.5 million for consecutive seven years, setting a new benchmark for charitable donations in Qiyang.

    Qiyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jiang Liangtie expressed his gratitude to Keli Charity Foundation for its generosity and kindness. He pointed out that in recent years, the Qiyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always adhered to the concept of giving priority to the development of education, vigorously increased investment in education, continuously improved the conditions for running schools, optimized the equipment of educational resources, strengthened the construction of the teaching staff, and innovated education and teaching management. A vigorous developmental view has been showed in whole Education Business, thus also has achieved gratifying performance.

    Secretary Jiang Liangtie hopes that the municipal education department will earnestly do a good job in teaching and assisting students, work hard to maintain educational fairness, and promote balanced development of education; hopes that more enthusiastic companies and caring people will learn from Nie Baoshengs and his son Nie Pengju s spirit of love, and rich think, actively invests in charity, and play an active role in donating to school, alleviating the poor, and public welfare; hopes that the students who receive awards will remember the deep love of society, strengthen their confidence, study hard, and strive to become a national pillar Talents, contribute youth wisdom to hometown construction and social development, create youthful achievement, and compose youthful glory; hopes that outstanding teachers who are rewarded will cherish honor, guard against arrogance and rashness, and make new contributions and make further contributions to nurturing talents.