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Keli And Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Reached A Strategic Cooperation Agreement



On August 26, 2021, Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Clean Energy) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Beijing Clean Energy Power Co., Ltd. was signed by Wang Wentao, assistant of the group president and general manger of the distributed business department, due to chairman Nie Pengju needs to participate in the board of directors, and is unable to come to the signing site,thus on behalf of Xiao Shoufeng, deputy general manager of the shaded pole business department, was authorized by Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd. to sign the contract.


For the purpose of the mutual benefit, mutual trust, complementary advantages, opportunity sharing,resource sharing, and double-wins results, Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Clean Energy Power have jointly established a strategic cooperative relationships within the range permitted by national politics, laws and regulations to carry out multi-level, multi-field and all-around business cooperation, Based on the principle of deep mutual trust, strategic synergy, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation,  after friendly negotiation, the two parties agree to carry out the strategic cooperation in the fields of the distributes photovoltaic power stations, incremental distribution networks, regional power distributions, carbon trading, green certificate trading , etc.

The leaders of Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Power Co., Ltd. also visited and investigated the factory in Qiyang.

Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Power Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by Beijing Enterprises Water Group Co., Ltd. the largest investment platform of Beijing SASAC, the CITICPE of the CITIC Group of famous central enterprise and the TUSHOLDINGS Group of Tsinghua University, an internationally renowned university, who listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 01250.HK). The company is committed to developing clean energy with solar power take its core, wind power and geothermal and other forms of supplementary clean energy,and developing smart micro-grid, energy storage, electricity sales and other business. Since its establishment, it has developed rapidly in various business such as photovoltaic, energy storage, wind power, clean heating, and geothermal.

Keli Motor Group Co.,Ltd always continue to focus on the fields of R&D, production and sales of motors and drive control systems, which is one of the worlds leading brands. The products have be widely used in the shaded motors, blowers, universal motors, mixed stepper motors, brushless motors, servo systems, drives, controllers, etc,mainly served in the fields of home appliances,office automation, security, medical equipment, industrial automation, robotics, etc. Keli is committed to building a world-class Chinese national brand for motors and drive control systems, promoting human industrial civilization and progress, and striving to provide global users with advanced intelligent motivation.