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Keep Our Feet To The Ground And Climb The Peak, Start A New Journey Of Life

Author:lu yong hong Time:2020-07-16


The Star-making Trip of University Graduates in 2020


Talent is the foundation, culture is the root. Talent is the core element to help enterprise and society develop. Keli Group adheres to the development concept of "development is the first priority, innovation is the first power, talent is the first resource", continues to make innovation, attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. The introduction and training of excellent graduates every year is one of the important channels for the company to develop. Since the Company established, more and more college students have come to an important position and become management elites and technical backbones of the Company. They settled in Keli, witnessing the development of Keli.

In July this year, Group Operation Center welcomed a group of fresh graduates just  coming out of school. Under the leadership of the Group's human resources center, "The Star-making Trip of University Graduates in 2020" began.

Orientation held in Group Headquarter

“ ‘Lower makes water become an ocean; Modest makes people become a king’. We should have a correct attitude, to learn from each other with an open mind and forget the achievements we have made in college, learn to share in our work, spend more time, not afraid of hardship, and hone our fortitude in a difficult environment. We should also work hard to study, not afraid of opponents. We should not only put personal gains and losses in the first place at work. Instead, the most important thing is to have a sense of social responsibility, making continuous development on the basis of meeting our own living conditions. Keep practicing, keep testing the truth.” The Chairman of Keli Group shared his career experience and life philosophy with the new graduates at the Orientation, "recognizing the dual nature of the contradiction, mobilizing people's initiative and turning the company's talents into national professionals. ". We should study hard, work efficiently, stick to a commitment, result oriented, never give up the code of conduct, and work innovatively and efficiently. We're not looking for a job, but a career and our future. Having the chance to work together is a blessing. We should be grateful, have a sense of social responsibility, and aspire to create a world-class national motor brand, become "Huawei" in the industry control area.

The students have visited Keli Cultural Corridor, studied the historical process, experienced the laboratory and become familiar with the company layout and office area, etc. , From organizing college students to visit the headquarters, to the chairman attending the orientation, all show Group's attention and expectations for graduates.

Pictures of graduates leading in headquarter.


Training and Study

July 1st, the training for graduates in 2020 officially started.

"Keep Promise, Result-oriented, Never Give up" is the spirit of the enterprise we advocate. It is the essence of Keli culture. Cultural heritage is the mission and responsibility for every one in Keli. To deepen the graduates’ indentification to Keli, help them complete the transition from student to professionals and get them ready to their jobs, Keli Group organizes the orientation training in a planned, targeted and systematic way, which presided over by experienced management cadres and technical backbone. They share their work experience with graduates and introduce Keli’s basic status, corporate culture, mission and vision, the company's organizational structure, system management, OA software and other information to them, which would make the graduates have a systematic understanding of the company, inherit the Keli culture, deepen the identity of Keli corporate culture.

Pictures of trainning


Visit Factories


Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the development, production and sales of motor and intelligent drive and control technology. Keli boast nearly 30 years of experience in motor and intelligent drive and control technology development and manufacturing, and strong R&D and production capabilities. Keli’s products are widely used in home appliances, 3D printing, security monitoring, medical devices, robots, lithium battery equipment, electronic manufacturing equipment, CNC machine tools, office automation and industrial automation equipment and other fields.

If a company need to develop, technical precipitation in needed. Experience is the best teacher. We shold integrate theory into practice and go to the production line to understand the company's production model, process, understand the company's product characteristics. Then we can apply our theory acknowledge to the actual practice.

The production workshop is the main area of the enterprise's production and management activities. By visiting factories, graduate student can know the production and manufacturing mode of the products, and understand the scale and environment of the factory intuitively. From the details to see corporate culture, to inherit Keli’s culture and spirit of doing more practive working, not afraid of hardship.


 Pictures of visit factories


Outdoor activities

It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. Step down to the peak and start a new journey. Through the organization of mountaineering activities, aiming at training hard-working, Team Spirit, so as to enhance team cohesion, theory and practice, unity of knowledge and practice.

Life is like climbing a mountain. In order to reach the summit, one can only move forward, never stop, and never retreat.


team building activities


Business Unit(BU) Learning


The early learning lay the foundation to start their career life. They can experience in practice and grow on the job. The Company provides a variety of career development channels and individual training plan for each student. Keli would arrange tutors for them to give one-to-one counseling, periodical evaluation and timely help, so as to guarantee the career of college students.

Never stop learning and never stop climbing!

We are looking forward to graduate’s excellent performance in the future work, to contribute to the development of Keli, become the brightest star.