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Yongzhou Entrepreneur Association Established,  Zhu Hongwu attended the Meeting and Made a Speech, Nie Pengju was Elected as the First Chairman

Author:Zhang Yucheng Source: Hunan Daily Time:2020-08-28

Summary:Yongzhou Entrepreneur Association Established


On August 28, the first general meeting and founding meeting of Yongzhou Entrepreneur Association was held in Lengshuitan. Deputy Secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayorp--Zhu Hongwu attended the meeting and made a speech, Vice Mayor Liu Weihua attended the meeting.

The meeting has deliberated and adopted the Statute of Yongzhou Entrepreneur Association and other documents, elected the first Board of Management, Board of Supervisors, Chairman, Chief Executive Director, Vice Chairman, General Secretary and Chief Supervisor of Yongzhou Entrepreneur Association. Nie Pengju, Chairman and General Manager of KELI MOTOR GROUP CO., LTD., was elected as Chairman of the Association. At the meeting, Yongzhou Entrepreneur Association and its chairman unit, Chief Executive Director unit and Vice Chairman unit were awarded.     

On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Zhu Hongwu congratulated the establishment of Yongzhou Entrepreneur Association and its first elected Board of Management, Board of Supervisors and all its members, and put forward ardent expectations for the future development of the Association. He hoped that the Association would enhance its awareness of opportunities and risks, give full play to its own advantages, do a good job in service work for enterprises, and strive to become an important platform for service enterprises, a bridge for the interaction between government and enterprise, and an innovation highland for the pooling of talents. He also hoped that the Associate can lead the enterprises to accurately identify change, respond scientifically, and actively seek change. They have the courage to open the wind, and are good at turning crisis into opportunity, and wade out a new way of transformation and development in tackling difficulties.

Zhu Hongwu pointed out that entrepreneurs are the most dynamic and creative group in economic activities and the most valuable human resources in economic development. The majority of entrepreneurs should be responsible. They ought to shoulder the development and social responsibilities actively,to adhere to law-abiding operation,  entrepreneurship and innovation, serving society, to make new and greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of Yongzhou city. Secondly, entrepreneurs should be united. Taking the chance of Associattion establishment, they are supposed to strengthen communication, be united and cooperative, pursue mutually beneficial cooperation and develop together for the overall  development of the whole city. So that industry associations can fully play their role and become the assistance of the government to extend services. Thirdly, entrepreneurs should pursue the development unremittingly. They ought to continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and pioneering, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, spare no effort to contribute wisdom and strength for the city's economic and social development.

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