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Qiyang KELI Charity Foundation Held the 6th Donation and Funding Meeting

Author:Weiyang Source: QiYangRadio and Television Media Time:2020-09-05

Summary:Qiyang KELI Charity Foundation Held the 6th Donation and Funding Meeting

On the morning of September 4, 2020, the 6th reward and funding meeting of Qiyang Keli Charity Foundation was held in the meeting room of County Civil Affair Department. County Secretary of the communist Party Zhou Xinhui, Chairman of Keli motor Group Co.,LTD. Nie Pengju, Director-general of Keli Charity Foundation Nie Baosheng; Zhou Zhenlin, Chen Zhenwen,  Wen Yingxiong and others attended the meeting. 

The meeting read out the list of awards and students to be funded. 3 excellent principals, 9 excellent primary and junior high school teachers, 6 excellent students in the college entrance examination were awarded. 26 poor students who get admitted by second-tier or better universities received financial aids. Targeted funding was provided to 41 college students. A total of 213,000 yuan of bonuses and grants were distributed in the meeting. At the meeting, Nie Baosheng, Director-general of Keli Charity Foundation, made a speech. Representatives of outstanding teachers, outstanding students and funded students made speeches respectively.

Keli Charity Foundation, founded by Nie Baosheng and Nie Pengju, is the first local entrepreneur's charity foundation in Qiyang. The Charity Foundation has been devoted to the innovation and development of enterprises for many years, and has been concerned about supporting the development of education in Qiyang. It insists on carrying out the activities of reward and support every year, and has donated more than 1.2 million yuan to help students in 6 consecutive years. This year, Nie Baosheng and Nie Pengju continue to expand their love, and donated 1 million yuan to the foundation, setting up a new model of love donation in Qiyang County.

Zhou Xinhui thanked the Charity Foundation for its generosity. He pointed out that in recent years, the county party committee and the county government have always adhered to the idea of giving priority to the development of education and, centering on the strategic goal of establishing "Famous educational county in Hunan province", have made great efforts to increase investment in education, continuously improve the conditions of running schools, optimize the allocation of educational resources, strengthen the construction of teaching staff and innovate the management of education and teaching. The county's educational undertakings show a good momentum of vigorous development. The construction of famous education county has taken solid steps and achieved gratifying results.  In particular, the closely-watched senior high school education takes to a new level every year. This year has seen remarkable achievements of “Two students (boys) enter Tsinghua University, two students (girls) enter Peking University”. It is the county party committee and attaching great importance to education, priority to the development of education, the county's teachers and educators’ work, selfless dedication and the county's broad masses of people and social support from all walks of life to achieve these results.


Zhou Xinhui hoped that the County Education Department pays close attention to the teaching and the aid work earnestly; maintains the education fairness diligently; promotes the education balanced development. He hope that more enthusiastic enterprises and caring people can learn the great love spirit from Nie Baosheng and Nie Pengju. Think about the source of wealth, and then think about progress, and actively invest in charity and played an active role in donating funds for education, poverty alleviation and public welfare undertakings. He hoped that the students who were rewarded and supported would bear in mind the society's deep love and care, firm their confidence, study hard, and strive to become the pillar of the state, so as to contribute their youthful wisdom to the construction of their hometown and social development, create achievements in their youth, and write splendid chapters in their youth.  He hoped that the outstanding teachers who had been rewarded would cherish the honor, guard against arrogance and rashness, and make new contributions to the cultivation of talents and the establishment of provincial famous education counties.

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