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Chinese V6 Servo Motor, Emerges For The Times!

Author:Wangchaowen Time:2020-09-23

Summary:Keli Motor Group attends the 22nd China International Industry Fair 20th September

--Keli Motor Group attends the 22nd China International Industry Fair

  20th September, the 22nd China International Industry Fair was closed in Shanghai national exhibit center.It is the first time for Keli Motor Group attends the Fair to exhibit its competitive products and compete with other suppliers from home and abroad.

   As Keli’s first generation of servo motor, KS/J series motor is well known for its stable performance and various models. Its inertia can be divided into three gears: high, medium and low; the power density is large; the appearance is exquisite,;leading wire is various. It is especially suitable for customized production. Keli's V6 servo motor featured in the medium inertia, high torque, small size, low temperature rise, direct insert/lead coexists, magnetic/optical fiber coexists and other characteristics. V6 servo driver featured small size, low heat dissipation, high response, convenient tuning characteristics. Eight kinds of advantages have been comprehensively upgraded.Over the past six years, the company has made continuous technological breakthroughs and continuously improved its quality. Products have been widely recognized in high-end equipment, robots, precision machine tools, lithium battery manufacturing, laser cutting, electronic product production and other industries, helping domestic enterprises to accelerate the pace of industrial control products import replacement.

  "Core talents and key technologies are the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of industrial robots in China," said the chairman of Keli Motor Group.Compared with Japan and developed countries in Europe and America, China's industrial robot industry has some problems, such as weak independent innovation ability, lack of core talents and technologies, and dependence on import of medium and high-end core components. The key components of servo motors in China, such as encoders and drives, also come from abroad and are controlled by others in many places. For Keli, mastering the core "heart" of various robots and precision equipment and breaking foreign technology monopoly is a choice full of hardships but no retreat. Chinese people's own V6 servo motor emerges as the times require. This is a milestone for Keli in the field of Industrial control. 


  Adhering to the Chinese spirit of craftsman and the philosophy of "being realistic, striving for perfection and being brave in innovation", Keli has deepened its industry, expanded its production and strengthened its brand.Through scientific and technological innovation, Keli is integrated into the national innovation-driven strategy and contributes to accelerating the construction of an innovation-driven country.With original intention and unremitting efforts, Keli is committed to building a world-class national brand of motor and drive control system in China.