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Congratulation: Keli’s non-public offering of shares was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission


Summary: On December 21, 2020, the non-public issuance of Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd. was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  On December 21, 2020, the non-public issuance of Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd. was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  The non-public offering is expected to raise a total of RMB 500 million in total funds, which will be invested in the construction of smart motors and drive control systems.

  The smart motor and drive control system is a new type of motor system produced with the development and integration of the industrial drive control field and the big data platform. It integrates the motor's motion, diagnosis, protection, control, communication and other functions, and can realize the self-diagnosis of the motor system , Self-protection, self-regulation, remote control, etc.

  Smart motors and drive control systems, as the core components for converting electrical energy into kinetic energy, have been widely used in various fields such as smart home application, office automation, security monitoring, robots, electronic manufacturing equipment, industrial automation, medical equipment, aerospace, and military industry. With the continuous development of the global economy and technological progress, as well as the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the smart motor and drive control system industry is still in a stage of steady growth. With the development of my country's equipment manufacturing industry in the direction of high precision and integration of industrialization and informationization, the intelligent development of motors and drive control systems has become a necessary trend. This project will follow the development trend of the industry and further increase the capacity and market expansion of high-end products such as smart motors and drive control systems with high technical content and high added value.

  This refinancing is a major move for the company to deploy high-end industries. Through the construction of this project, it will help the company optimize the existing product structure, enhance product market competitiveness, broaden the application fields of existing products, and gradually move towards 3D printing, robotics, and manual labor. Intelligence, medical equipment, security monitoring, industrial automation and other fields are expanded to realize the company's strategy of stable, scientific and sustainable development. At the same time, the implementation of this project will help the company build an automated production line with high process accuracy, improve the production process, greatly improve the company's production technology level and production efficiency, improve product quality, enhance product comprehensive competitiveness, and reduce operating costs and resources and energy. Consumption, improve corporate management efficiency, and consolidate the company’s industry position.