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The first "Looking for the Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth in Hunan" Story Sharing Session was successfully held to demonstrate the power of Youth Models

Author:Xiang Wan Source: RedNet Time:2020-12-21

Summary: Red Net Moment, December 21th (Reporter Xiang Wan and Photography Zhang Biwen) Seven years ago, President Xi Jinping proposed the construction of the "Silk Road Economic .....

  Red Net Moment, December 21th (Reporter Xiang Wan and Photography Zhang Biwen) Seven years ago, President Xi Jinping proposed the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st-Century Maritime Silk Road", that is "the Belt and the Road Initiatives". The thousand-year-old Silk Road is full of new vitality and radiance of the times.

  Time flies, the past is faint; Live up to your youth and the future is promising. It is the glorious tradition of Chinese youth and the outstanding gene passed down from generation to generation to keep up with the times and to take responsibility and work hard. The joint construction of the “the Belt and the Road”has given the contemporary youth of Huxiang responsibilities and glory. More and more Huxiang youths are working around the world, hard working, and dreaming of the Silk Road. The demeanor of the young people in Huxiang who dare to fight and struggle passionately is in full bloom today.

  On December 21st, the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hunan Provincial of the Communist Party of China, the Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, the Hunan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Hunan Provincial Sponsored by the Returned Overseas Chinese Association and Hunan Youth Federation, and co-organized by Hunan RedNet New Media Group, the story sharing session of the first Hunan Province "Finding the Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth in Hunan" kicked off in the Changsha RedNet Studio. There are 21 outstanding individuals and 19 outstanding collective representatives gathered together. Among them, 7 outstanding youth representatives condensed the classic cases of "Going Out", what they have seen and heard, and their mental journeys into one sentence and merged them into a story, telling them in a simple way. On the Belt and Road Initiative, Hunan keeps upright and innovative, forging ahead and achieving win-win results in the process of open cooperation. Leaders of various hosts, co-organizers, individual and collective representatives of the first Hunan Province "Finding the Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth in Hunan", and youth representatives from all walks of life participated in the event.



The story sharing session of the first "Looking for the Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth in Hunan" event in Hunan Province


Use the power of models and inspire more young people with "the most beautiful"

  "Youth fireworks, illuminate our long way forward; thinking for thousands of years, over thousands of miles, letting the world blind each other; family and country feelings, raising our sail; domestic and overseas, Silk Road youthful Huxiang style..." 3 pm Point, a song "Our Road" opened the prelude to the story sharing session. The youths of Huxiang Silk Road who restored the artistic conception of the song appeared one after another, inspiring more young people with the "most beautiful" story.


Li Zhichao, deputy secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and chairman of the Provincial Youth Federation, presented awards to the "Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth Group in Hunan".


  In the early stage, the "Looking for the Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth in Huxiang" activity was conducted through organization recommendation, qualification review, expert review, public display and other links. In the end, 21 outstanding individuals and 19 outstanding collectives stood out. "This is a practical action to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on Hunan's visit, vigorously implement thethree highs and four new' strategy, and promote the deep integration of Hunan Province into the joint construction of thethe Belt and the Road Initiatives'." Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Hunan Provincial Committee, Provincial Youth In his speech, the co-chairman Li Zhichao said that the purpose of the event is to use the power of example to inspire and lead the youth of Hunan to make greater contributions to the construction of the “the Belt and the Road Initiatives”.


China Construction Fifth Bureau Civil Engineering Co., Ltd. performed the sitcom "One Road" live


  The joint construction of“the Belt and the Road” has given the Huxiang Youth new opportunities and challenges. For the prosperity of "the bustling scenes of visits and trade over land and ships calling at ports.", the young people of Huxiang are active in the mountains, wastelands, and Gobi, building roads, railways, ports, parks, schools...the future of the Silk Road is drawn with ingenious "craftsmanship" , With light and heat, the practice of "Friendship, which derives from close contact between the people." On this longest-span economic corridor in the world, the young people in Huxiang are writing vivid footnotes for peace, openness, innovation, and win-win in the process of "the Belt and the Road" construction with feelings, vision, keenness and hard work.

The story is the medium, full of youth dreams, blooming the glory of Huxiang

  The harsh and unfamiliar environment, the teammates who fell ill one after another, the doubts and obstacles they face all the time... China Construction Fifth Bureau Civil Engineering Co., Ltd. condensed the ups and downs of overseas construction experience into an 11-minute melodrama 《One Road》, It shows the experience of Silk Road youth Liu Zeying and his team leaving their hometown with dreams and fighting overseas for the glory of the country.

  When General Secretary Xi Jinping encouraged young students in Hunan, he said: "Live up to your youth, live up to the times." Through each story, we have seen that the young people in Hunan are responding with practical actions.


The awarding scene of the first "Looking for the Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth in Huxiang" Story Sharing Conference in Hunan Province.


  At the scene, Huang Jin from Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology used two short stories and one big event to deeply discuss the importance of Hunan's deep integration into the “Belt and Road” construction under the background of rapid globalization and the importance of policy communication; The story sharer of the International Business Department of the Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank (CCB) used "an unexpected order", "a timely visit", "a batch of expensive equipment" and other short stories to tell how CCB's youth team went overseas in the "Hunan Enterprise" . On this big ship, pioneer and innovate, and do a good job of financial assistance.

  Yang Hao, a front-line engineer born in the 90s from China Hydropower Eighth Bureau, talked about how to make youth dream of Yawan high-speed rail; Zhong Jianghua, a young teacher from Xiangtan University, went to the Confucius Institute at Makerere University in Uganda as the first Chinese teacher; Kilimall, an African e-commerce platform The founder of Yang Tao gave up one million annual salary and bravely climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa to build East Africa’s number one mobile e-commerce platform and build a China-Africa community with a shared future; Li Chunhui, deputy director of the Infection Control Center at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, was even more supportive , Went to Africa to fight the "Epidemic".



Representatives of "The Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth in Huxiang" shared wonderful stories


  Although the stories are different, they are all “good stories”. From the stories, we can know the wonderful lives of the young people on the Silk Road in Huxiang. These struggling youth stories are resonating with the new era and will also carry the great The beautiful vision of development, major changes, and major adjustments moves toward the future.

  Tiny light spots gather together to form a torch;Pile up soil without stopping, and mountains can also build up. Contemporary young people in Huxiang will continue to write vivid footnotes for peace, prosperity, openness, innovation, and win-win in the construction of the "Belt and Road" with a deep sense of family and country, broad international vision, and perseverance. For our province to strive to create a highland for reform and opening up in the inland areas, deep integration into the co-construction of the "Belt and Road" to paint a youthful color, and contribute to the construction of a modern new Hunan.


List of Hunan Province's First "Looking for the Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth in Hunan"


Liu Wenxing      Account Manager, International Cooperation Business Division, Hunan Branch, China Development Bank

Liu Yiqi    Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Second Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan Construction Engineering Group

Liu Zeying, Executive Manager of Pakistan PKM Project, China State Construction Engineering Corporation Bureau 5.

Liu Rong     Director of International Exchange Center of Hunan Agriculture Group Co., Ltd.

Sun Shuang     Attending physician, Department of Respiratory Medicine, First Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine


Li Wenwu      Chairman of Hunan Small and Medium Enterprise Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd.

Li Zhengchun      Deputy Director, Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Division, Department of Commerce of Hunan Province

Li Chunhui     Deputy Director, Infection Control Center, Xiangya Hospital Central South University

Li Yanbing, Laboratory physician, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Xiangya Hospital Central South University

Li Yanjun    Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Zhuzhou Central Hospital

Zhang Li    General Manager of Sales Corporation of Hengyang Steel Tube Co., Ltd.

Chen Guozhan     Overseas Southeast Asia Region Manager, Zoomlion Construction Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Luo Erxi    General Manager of Russia Region, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Duan Ya    Deputy Captain of the Price Cost Investigation Team of  Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province.

Nie Pengju     Chairman and General Manager of KELI Motor Group Co., Ltd.

Guo Yangxiao      Director of the Philippines Office, Hunan Road & Bridge Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan Communication & Water Conservancy Group Group

Huang Shu      Doctor of Medicine, Associate Chief Physician, Master's Tutor, Hunan Provincial People's Hospital

Huang Jin     Level 4 Investigator, International and Regional Science and Technology Cooperation Division, Hunan Provincial Science & Technology Department.

Peng Huan     Deputy Chief Engineer, International Company of Overseas Business Management Department, PowerChina Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Ltd.

Qin Zuodong       Associate Dean of the School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Chinese Expert of the Technical Committee of Yongzhou Zhonggu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Liao Zhiyang    Director, Department of America and Oceania, Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee


List of Hunan Province's first "Looking for the Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth Group in Hunan"


Hunan University "the Belt and the Road" MBA Program

Indonesia, Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway Project, Sinohydro Engineering Bureau 8 Co., Ltd.

Department of Foreign Economic Relations (Foreign Loan Office) of Hunan Provincial Department of Finance

China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Hunan Branch Office

International Business Department, Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank

Customer OfficeHunan Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China

Hunan Jianrong Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Hunan "the Belt and the Road" Industry Promotion Fund)

China Energy Construction Group Hunan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. Myanmar Branch

TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd. International Engineering Company

"China-Egypt Renewable Energy National Joint Laboratory" Team

Ajman China Town Project of Hunan Bosen Industrial Group

Kilimall Kenya National Operations Center

Hunan Idvert Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Hunan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital,Innovative Tianjin Medical Team

International Cooperation & Exchanges Office,Xiangya Hospital Central South University

Makerere University Confucius Institute

ASEM Water Resources Research and Utilization Center

International Department of Sansure Biotech Inc. 

Hunan Youth Committee of the All -China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese


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