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Speaking on behalf of the committee, Nie Pengju: It is suggested to speed up the cross-regional settlement of National Health Insurance

Author:Chen Zhangshu Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Time:2021-03-11


"It is recommended to realize national networking, speed up the direct settlement of cross-provincial medical treatment, support identity cards, medical insurance electronic vouchers and other medical media, and promote medical convenience services ." During the two sessions of the National People's Congress, deputy to the National People's Congress, the chairman of the Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd -- Nie Pengju suggested. "China's modernization process is speeding up, the demand of medical treatment is increasing in different places, the proportion of reimbursement, policies, settlement methods and other differences, it is difficult to achieve all-purpose card." Nie Pengju said that the national medical insurance direct settlement system has been initially completed at present, but there are still complex procedures for seeking medical treatment in different places, which can not be used in different places. Finally, the medicare card can be held for medical treatment, and limited to hospitalization, excluding outpatient.

 Nie Pengju suggested that unified planning, integration of urban workers and residents medical system and new rural cooperative medical system, improve the overall level of medical insurance. Design and promote the use of national social security cards, promote the construction of intelligent monitoring systems, implement the national unified medical insurance information code, and make full use of big data supervision technology. Improve the accuracy of direct settlement business supervision in different places. At the same time, by standardizing the clinical use and management of electronic medical records, including outpatient clinics, promoting the information construction of medical institutions, giving priority to expanding the information of electronic medical records to outpatient diagnosis and treatment links, and realizing the full coverage of diagnosis and treatment services. Besides, speed up the development of "No need go to the site ", " No need face to face" convenience services, such as supporting identity cards, medical insurance electronic vouchers and other medical media; provide Mini Programs, medical insurance service app and other filing channels; provide problem coordination, information sharing and other functions to achieve rapid message transmission and real-time problem tracking within the system.