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Mr.Nie Pengju, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of the board of Keli Motor Group: Establish a coordinated development mechanism of "government production, education, research and application" in the motor industry

   Source: Shanghai Securities News Time:2021-03-10

Summary:"Motor enterprises are faced with difficulties in product upgrading and technology breakthrough, large investment in research and development, long construction cycle and other issues, and are eager

    "Motor enterprises are faced with difficulties in product upgrading and technology breakthrough, large investment in research and development, long construction cycle and other issues, and are eager to get strong support from policies, taxes and research and development investment."During this year's NPC and CPPCC sessions, Mr.Nie Pengju, chairman of Keli Motor Group, brought 18 suggestions, one of which was to strengthen support for motor enterprises.

Supporting the transformation and upgrading of the motor industry

    The draft of the 14th Five-Year Plan clearly calls for the development of strategic emerging industries.The development of these strategic emerging industries will create a huge market demand for high-end precision motors and drive control systems."In Mr.Nie's view, the competition facing Chinese enterprises is further aggravated . While adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, enterprises should increase investment in innovation and research and development to improve their core competitiveness in the international market. They should not stay in the extensive development stage of relying on cost and price competition.

    As for increasing the support for the motor industry, Mr.Nie suggested that enterprises should be encouraged to increase R&D input and provide special cash subsidies, especially investment in leading edge basic technologies, control algorithms and materials.Guide enterprises to carry out technological upgrading and provide financial support and green credit services, so that enterprises can gradually transform to automation, digitalization and intelligent manufacturing;Encourage enterprises to develop efficient and energy-saving motor and tax refund subsidies, etc.

    About motor industry of industrial ecology, Mr.Nie PengJu suggestion, set up the mechanism of "Government production, education and research" coordinated development, the government set up special motor industry guide money and encouraging policy, enterprise product market responsibility, institutions of higher learning and research institutes set up a special group specializing in technical difficulties, the end user to provide product demand information, eventually form a positive cycle, have since the hematopoietic function of industry ecosystem, finally realizes the industry upgrading transformation.

    "Accelerate the transformation and upgrading to the fields of robotics, industrial automation and artificial intelligence, and gradually lay out areas such as IC chip design and industrial Internet platform."Talk about division force, the development direction of Mr.NiePengJu says, "difference" the start of the implementation, the company will continue to promote the development of talent strategy, talent and r&d, with great concentration at the forefront of the motor and drive control system technology research and development, further optimize the V6 servo system performance, at the high end of the servo system for "their" core technology of the implementation of import substitution.

We will focus on a range of livelihood issues
    As a deputy to the National People's Congress, I feel both proud and deeply responsible."In order to fulfill his duties as a deputy to the NPC,Mr.Nie Pengju conducted serious research, listened extensively to the opinions of the people, and made full preparations."I have prepared 18 proposals, mainly focusing on education, rural areas, healthcare, securities and industry development.

    In terms of education, Mr.Nie suggested reducing the burden on primary school students and their parents, increasing the number of compulsory education degrees, solving the problem of college entrance examination for children of migrant workers living with their parents in other places, and improving rural education infrastructure.In terms of medical care, he suggested speeding up the inter-regional settlement of medical insurance, standardizing the packaging of the minimum sales unit of prescription drugs, and strengthening the construction of rural medical teams and facilities.In terms of securities, he suggested adjusting the individual income tax on equity incentives, comprehensively promoting the second category of restricted stocks, and including supervisors and external advisers in the scope of equity incentives.

    In addition,Mr. Nie suggested strengthening elderly care services in rural areas and easing the aging of the rural labor force.