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Feng Mingyuan, the Star Public Fund Manager, visited Keli Motor Group for investigation.


Summary:Feng Mingyuan, the Star Public Fund Manager, visited Keli Motor Group for investigation.

    On June 25th, Feng Mingyuan, the Star Public Fund manager of First State Cinda Fund Management Company, visited Keli Motor Group for investigation. Nie Pengju, Chairman of Keli Group, and company executives attended the meeting.

    The chairman of Keli Motor Group introduced company’s development history,company’s strategic positioning and the layout of new business units and new products to First State Cinda Fund.

    First State Cinda Fund carefully analyzed the fundamentals of Keli Motor Group,and deeply understood the company’s competitors,the technical source of the servo system,the company’s orders and production capacity,etc.,recognized the companys strategy of adhere to the development of talents and firmly believe that the way of innovation lies in obtaining talents. All Q&A and communication content of this event are within the scope of the company’s disclosure.

    By visiting the company’s showroom,the First State Cinda Fund team had a comprehensive understanding of the “hard struggle” culture of Keli Motor Group,how the drivers, encoders, controllers and high-performance V6 servo motors can achieve a breakthrough from 0 to 1. Every product in the showroom is the crystallization of the hard work of Keli people.

    First State Cinda Fund Management Co.,Ltd. is the first domestic fund management company controlled by a state-owned asset management company and the first fund management company established by Australia in a joint venture in China.