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Congratulations to The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Keli Motor Group Huizhou Industrial Park was grandly held



On May 20, 2022, the groundbreaking ceremony of Keli Motor Group Huizhou Industrial Park was grandly held in the Huizhou Tonghu Eco-Smart Zone. Mr. Nie Pengju, chairman of the group, brought the group executives, and general managers from all business departments to attend the groundbreaking ceremony.

Huizhou in May, the trees are lush and the birds are singing and the cicadas are singing. The Tonghu Eco-Smart Zone in the early summer, the groundbreaking of Keli Motor Group Hui zhou Industrial Park officially kicked off. Mr. Nie Pengju, chairman of the board, expressed a warm welcome to the guests who attended the groundbreaking ceremony. In his speech, the chairman pointed out that the Huizhou Industrial Park of Keli Motor Group is an essential layout for Keli in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It will promote Keli toward a new stage of high-quality development after being established and put into production.

The chairman introduced that the industrial park will focus on the production and research and development of motor and intelligent drive control systems, expand the production capacity of the products and intelligent drive system products, and better meet the rapid growth of downstream customers' market demand. After it is completed and put  into production, it is mainly used to produce encoders, drivers and other servo systems and controllers, DC brushless motors, stepper motors and their drives and precision pumps, etc. The products are widely used in smart home, office automation, security monitoring, medical equipment, 3D printing, robotics and industrial automation equipment, lithium battery equipment and new energy vehicles. The chairman emphasizes that it is necessary to speed up the pace of construction and strive for early production and achieve effectiveness. We always continue to take building a world-class Chinese national brand of motor and drive control system as its mission, to produce first -class products in the Tonghu Eco-Smart Zone, to achieve first-class performance and to create a first -class enterprises.

The live music was lively, and under the scorching sun, the leaders held the golden shovel symbolizing hope and shoveled the soil together, laying the groundbreaking for the Huizhou Industrial Park of Keli Motor Group. In the warm applause, the groundbreaking ceremony for this project reached a successful conclusion.

The successful holding of the groundbreaking ceremony remarks that Keli has landed in the major layout of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area. Huizhou Industrial Park will write a new chapter on the soil of the Tonghu Eco-Smart Zone. In the future, Keli will take this as an opportunity to take the Tonghu Eco- Smart Zone as an important strategic investment area, continue to strengthen talent training, always promote scientific and technological R&D and technological breakthrough, and closely follow the front -edge technologies of the world motor and intelligent drive system. Build a world -class Chinese national brand of motors and drive control systems, and strive to promote human industrial civilization and progress.

Relevant leaders of the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the chairmans family and friends and friends, Keli colleagues and representatives of the construction unit attended the ceremony to witness this historic moment.