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Suggestion For Improving The Treatment of Teachers and Optimizing The Evaluation System

Author:Zheng Tao Source: Red Net Time:2020-05-26

Summary:Education is always one of the most concerned topics, and teachers are often the most critical factor to determine the quality of teaching.

Education is always one of the most concerned topics, and teachers are often the most critical factor to determine the quality of teaching. At present, the treatment of teachers in our country is relatively low, therefore, excellent teachers choose to work in non-teacher positions or other industries, which causes a phenomenon that the top talents are unwilling to step into the education industry.

"This kind of unhealthy flow is not conducive to the development of the education industry, but also affects the overall plan of the country. In view of this, I think it is urgent to optimize the teacher evaluation system and improve the treatment of teachers." On May 26th, Nie Pengju, representative of the National People's Congress and Chairman of Keli Motor Group Co., Ltd., who attended the NPC and CPCC in Beijing, said.

Nie Pengju believes that the current teachers' salary are low and lack of security. The salary level of teachers in China is low with little increasing; also the working hours are not directly proportional to the labor remuneration. The income of teachers is not guaranteed.

The content of teacher evaluation system is simplified. The quantity of people entering the Senior High School Entrance Examination and National College Entrance Examination, the employment rate of colleges and secondary schools, and the quantity of academic papers are still the only evaluation criteria to measure the schools and teachers. The unscientific evaluation system of teachers aggravates the quantity imbalance of teachers and students among regions and schools. In the process of education reform, the evaluation system of teacher’s education has not yet shown its proper scale. There are some problems, such as unscientific evaluation standard, single evaluation method, single evaluation subject, simplified evaluation content, utilitarian evaluation target and poor operability. This evaluation system seriously hinders the long-term development of teachers and suppresses the teachers' potential.

Nie Pengju suggested that we should increase investment in education, guarantee the funds from government and improve the treatment of teachers. Education needs investment, but also needs system and policy guarantee, so that all departments of government and education institutions will have confidence and ability to support the development of education. Good conditions, good treatment, there will be good teachers. Only when teachers are free of distractions and focus on education, their teaching quality can be improved. By analyzing the salary level of all walks of life, developing the salary system for teachers, and releasing the salary and performance management methods, the problems that affect the enthusiasm of teaching and sustainable and healthy development are essentially solved.

The evaluation of teachers' teaching efficiency is related to the evaluation of teachers' awards, promotion of professional titles, etc.. A series of reasonable and scientific evaluation system and method is conducive to promoting the enthusiasm of teachers' performance. First of all, the teacher evaluation system should grasp the correct evaluation value orientation, improve the teaching level of teachers, mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of both teaching and learning. Secondly,  establish  the internal driven evaluation mechanism, and achieve the development of teacher evaluation system. In the process of education evaluation, stressing rewards and not giving up punishment will be beneficial to guide and encourage teachers, and establishing teachers' self-evaluation mechanism will give full play to teachers' subjective initiative. Finally, establish a diversified and comprehensive evaluation to prevent the adverse effects of individual differential evaluation by diversified evaluation subjects. To evaluate the overall feedback of teachers' teaching work and the performance of the whole process, we should not only consider the basic quality of teachers themselves, but also the quality of their work process, and also consider the effect of teachers' teaching, so as to build a complete teacher evaluation system.

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